LA Personal Training London (LAPT London) was founded by Lawrence back in 2013. Moving from Cambridge to London to pursue a career in the fitness industry, Lawrence has now been the industry for over 10 years working as personal trainer & gym manager. He has the privilege to work in one of the top central London health clubs training clients from the west end, X-factor team and city workers. Lawrence know focuses his business on offering gym management services and training select clients across London.

The Hamptons, Worcester Park

Specialising in functional movement and injury prevention, Dominic has helped many clients improve the way they move. An ex triathlete, Dominic has been a competitive swimmer and now also teaches swimming coaching to up and coming athletes. Spin, Sculpt & Boxercise are Dominic’s regular weekly classes at the Hamptons Gym.

Caroline Taylor


The Hamptons, Worcester Park

With over 25 years’ experience in the fitness industry Caroline has trained a variety of clients. Helping the current no.1 female, Scottish squash pro improve her conditioning and many clients reduce their weight & improve their lifestyle. Caroline has a real passion for her job and loves to see clients achieve their goals. Fitness Pilates on Thursday evenings is Caroline’s regular class at the Hamptons.

Alessio Di Maria


Is motivated in seeing clients get the most out of their programs and getting clients understanding the benefits of exercise. Currently completing his level 3 personal training qualification and advanced nutrition, Alessio takes many of our group gym inductions sessions

What Our Clients Think About Us

I started training with Lawrence as I was hitting a wall with my weight and fitness.

Lawrence does more than push you during your session. It’s what he does in between sessions that sets him apart.

His dedication in planning your exercise and nutrition, and commitment to monitoring your progress shows how passionate he is in helping you achieve your goals.

I’ve achieved so much with Lawrence; losing over 30kg and breaking the 90kg barrier, dropping below 20% body fat, can do chin-ups, can run further and transformed my body. I’ve a little bit to go, but I’m fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been in my adult life.

If you want to take your fitness, weight or health goals to the next level, you wouldn’t find a better trainer than

Dan Ma
Dan Ma

I first trained with Lawrence almost 6 years ago after the birth of my second child. Although I had been going to the gym for years I had never really done anything other than cardio. Within 3 months I was a size 10, a size I had never been before and actually never believed I could be!

Since then I have tried to exercise 3/4 times a week, a mix of weights, Interval training, cardio, the odd gym challenge and have maintained my weight and dress size throughout that time. My fitness is massively improved, I have a much stronger and better body shape than when I was in my 20's

Lawrence has made me understand the effectiveness of many different styles of training, be it weights or varying cardio techniques. I have never liked the gym, I go because I know it's good for me and I want to look better and be stronger. While Lawrence doesn't understand how anyone couldn't like it😉he works with me, constantly encouraging and stretching me. He understands that I don't have a huge amount of time and designs time effective programmes that can be completed in shorter time frames.

Lawrence is an absolute professional at all times, he is always prompt, reliable and totally focused on client he is training when he is with them. The best PT professional I've ever known.

Emma Brown Client

Lawrence is a total professional and really knows the best way to get you to the next level of fitness 

Gerry Griffin

Lawrence is a fantastic trainer!  When I met Lawrence I was an out of shape former Rugby player who put on way too much weight.  I hadn't seriously worked out in years!  Lawrence and I worked out twice a week, and I tried to put in another day or two myself.  Within 3 months, I had completely changed my state of mind and have not looked back.  He not only helped me get in shape, but helped me build the discipline to stick with it.  Since working out with Lawrence, I've enjoyed years of feeling great in and out of the gym.  Thanks!!!

Adrian Withy

Prior to starting a PT programme with Lawrence I was only actively swimming 6 days a week, had never done weight training. With a view to losing body fat and getting lean I did a PT programme with Lawrence to get started. 

Lawrence spent time understanding my specific goals and history and built a weights programme for me 3 days a week. Most importantly and most crucially, he also recommended a nutrition plan alongside. When I was injured in my wrists and shoulder, both Lawrence and Dom gave me some very helpful advice that really helped me to maintain my momentum. 

It's been about a year since I started the initial PT programme with Lawrence and I have gone from 30% body fat to 10.5% building strength and lean muscle and friends cannot believe the transformation they see in me. From never deadlifted or able to do a single pull-up before, I'm now deadlifting more than my body weight and doing body weight pull-ups. I feel highly fit and active, my metabolism has significantly improved and I've seen remarkable results in skin and hair (actually seeing reversal in male pattern baldness) 

I would very strongly recommend training with LAPT London for these reasons:

-they approach fitness holistically ie including the crucial nutrition side

-both Lawrence and Dom are very friendly, consultative, proactively helpful and I've always found them ready to offer very helpful and result achieving tips and advice 

-they always have the time to listen and respond and are professionally very knowledgeable 

-Lawrence regularly puts out extremely helpful and highly professional looking updates via newsletter that are packed with very useful tips and advice. 

 In comparison with some of the other trainers I have come across, LA Personal Training London are just head and shoulders above and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to train with them, changing my life significantly and positively forever going forwards. 

A.S. Client

I would 100% recommend LAPT London to anyone - of any fitness/confidence level. I trained with Lawrence once a week for several months. I had very moderate fitness beforehand, occasionally doing circuit sessions or very inconsistent weight training. Through the tips and routines that Lawrence taught me, I now enjoy training 3 times a week and am fitter/stronger than I think I have ever been.

Adam Bream Client

I commenced PT with Lawrence Jan 15 and committed to 3no 60 min weekly sessions, initially care was taken to thouroughly review my capabilities and mobility and we were able to develop a weekly programme which focussed on

Mobility/Upper Body, mobility/lower body in the gym and general conditioning in the Studio.

Lawrence has been my PT through and has been able keep training fresh regularly setting new goals, different sets of exercises together with giving much needed encouragement, motivation and advice on techniques etc.

He has also shown a great knowledge in respect to niggling injuries and has worked on specific exercises and stretches to support these with great effect.

Mike Drye
Mike Drye

I have been training with LAPT for just over a year, in preparation for my wedding which was on August 16th 2016. I have lost just over two stone, started to be able to run (which I never thought I would do) and learnt a whole variety of circuit based exercises which I can use in the gym when I am training on my own. My trainer Lawrence strikes a great balance between making workouts enjoyable yet at the same time managing to push you to an achievable limit. He is reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated and professional, which is why I have continued to train with him after I had reached my target. Lawrence has definitely helped me build my confidence in training and my self confidence. I would highly recommend him and the LAPT team at the Hamptons, Worcester Park.

Victoria E progress
Victoria Halliburton
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